Claudia Coker

As a first-generation Cuban-American, Claudia Coker credits the richness of a multi-cultural upbringing for her lifelong interest in people, cultures, family and tradition. From an early age, Claudia memorized and replayed the images of her daily life and travels, honing an artist’s eye that recognizes hues, subtlety, layers and nuance wherever she goes. She credits her Cuban heritage for her love of color and celebration, and an appreciation of old and new, which includes everything from her portraiture work to grittier industrial photography. Her decidedly Texas upbringing brought more dichotomy—love for the bustle of a city as well as the peace and earnestness of rural and coastal environments.

When she picked up a camera for the first time in a high school photography class, it was life changing. “It was as if I could finally articulate the stories that had been running through my mind my whole life.” She hasn’t put the camera down since. Over the past 20 years, Claudia has worked in all genres of photography from commercial to editorial to landscape and nature to documentary-style. Claudia is also a recognized portrait photographer, equally at home in black-and-white or color. Her signature work is unique in that the subjects “come to life” and light in her hands. Claudia prides herself on the fact that her portrait work is both lively and elegant at the same time.

Claudia resides in Dallas, Texas with her husband Jeff and their three children.